EHS Policy

Safety, Health and Environment Rules & Regulations

It is our responsibility to make safe working practices part of our life, and to adhere with the safety rules & regulations laid down by the company, not only to protect the individual and co-workers, but also to safeguard the equipment, plant and the environment in total.

Many accidents occur due to careless attitude of a person who conduct the act by deviating from the established rules of safety and proper working procedures.

In order to continue our safe working record at all our work sites, the management expects sincere cooperation from each and every employee to follow the basic rules of Safety, Health and Environment while strictly submitting ourselves to the safe working conditions and safety rules laid down by the organization we are serving with.

Remember, safety is nothing but an act of commonsense. This is one of the main factors taking us ahead to discharge our quality services in an efficient manner, meeting the requirement of the client within the stipulated time frame.


There is no planet B


Health is Wealth


Think Safe Work Safe

Safe Working Attitude

Many accidents occur due to careless attitude of a person who conducts the act by deviating from the established rules of safety and working procedures.

It has always been our continuous endeavor to ensure safe working attitude in the work area and to train and maintain safe working practices at various working conditions.

It is our responsibility to establish safe working practices as part of working life, adhering to the safety rules & regulations laid down by the company and the client not only to protect the individual but also to safeguard the equipment, plant and the environment in total.

To Ensure And Establish Safety At Work Place

  • Make sure you have the proper and valid entry passes to the designated work area and produce it as and when required by the authority.
  • Ensure to obtain necessary safety / work permit or appropriate clearance from the authorized department/ person, prior to commencement of job.
  • Do not enter prohibited areas / places where you are not assigned to.
  • Be conversant with the type and requirement of job, prior to commencement and follow proper procedures in carrying out the job.
  • Understand the specific requirement of the job and always use appropriate tools.
  • Make sure the right job is assigned to the correct and competent personnel.
  • Always use correct lifting tools and tackles with valid test certificates for the required kind of job and load.
  • Machinery, tools and tackles should be regularly inspected and proper maintenance schedule shall be developed and followed.
  • Maintain periodic calibration of pressure gauges / instruments and keep proper records of the same.
  • Always store sharp edged objects / tools separately to avoid unexpected cuts and injuries.
  • Never use mushroomed chisels, or chisels with broken ends – rectify them.
  • Never use hammer with loose heads / handles – rectify them.
  • Do not work under suspended loads.
  • Ensure the use of correct and compatible material, and any replacement of parts or spares shall be carried out only with the consent of the authorized department / person.
  • Do not mix up or interchange the parts / components of equipment with one another. Any modification or alteration shall be informed to the concerned department / person concerned.
  • Never adopt short cuts or temporary make shift methods.
  • Ensure to use appropriate PPE for respective job conditions.
  • Always wear safety shoes when you are at work.
  • Wear safety helmet and ear protection in the designated areas and as per the safety requirement of the department.
  • Suitable safety belts must be worn while performing jobs at elevated location.
  • Safety goggles or safety shields must be utilized wherever necessary. It is compulsory to use safety goggles while working on emery wheels.
  • Do not keep long loose hair, wear long sleeved dress and hand gloves while working on rotating equipment.
  • Check and ensure that you are using the correct gas for the correct application.
  • All gas cylinders must be stored vertically on the racks provided with appropriate protective caps..
  • Any unsafe, hazardous or improper conditions if noticed shall be immediately reported to the superior authority or the concerned department even while working with valid work permit.
  • Never remove alter or deface any tag or nameplates affixed on any valve / equipment. Any changes if required shall be carried out with the consent of the concerned department.
  • Do not operate any valve or equipments or change suo – motto without consulting the respective authority.
  • Do not use compressed air for blowing off dust from working dress or cleaning human body.
  • Keep the working area clean and clear before and after work. Make sure to discard all dirty rags and other unwanted material immediately after completion of job.
  • Be alert at all times and attentive to your job.
  • Al jobs should be halted at once when danger alarm sounded and immediately escape through the route provide to safety or assemble at designated area.
  • Report and investigate the root cause of accidents if any and take corrective measures for immediate implementation.
  • Do not report on duty in ill health or under the influence of sedatives or intoxicants.
  • Do not waste electricity and water.
  • All vehicles shall be maintained in proper condition and all traffic rules shall be strictly followed.


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