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We handle pressure better, to assure you process safety evermore.

Valves play a very important role in industries of various types and categories. Improper functioning of valves can create alarming situations, huge production loss, or/and even lead to disastrous conditions.

Flawless Performance of various types of valves is of vital importance in continuity of production in a process industry and Pressure Safety Valves plays the critical role in protection of pressurized system, pipeline or vessel, by releasing excess pressure beyond a specified value.

Reconditioning of these industrial valves and periodic testing of Pressure Safety Valves are to be carried out by experienced hands following best engineering practices, conforming to applicable codes & standards and FLOTEC TECHNOSMART (INDIA) PVT. LTD. have successfully developed various repairing & test facilities and established as the most reliable service group to protect your intelligent investments.

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