Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To emerge and remain as a part and parcel of the growing industrial scenario, providing the best products and services with genuine approach maintaining ultimate safety of the intellectual investments of valued clients.


Our Mission

Protection of Industrial Installations from catastrophic explosions due to over pressure in pipe lines and pressure vessels.

Eradication of false certification for mere documentation without dedication and justification, the very reason for dangerous situations.

Flawless performance of various types of valves, reducing downtime, ensuring continuity in production.

Our Values


Individual expertise and skills combined with committed leadership and transparent communication converted to collective responsibility and solidarity, contribute to productive collaboration. This is the success theory of FLOTEC since the very beginning.


We believe in respecting the responsibilities and understanding one another at work place, commitment to the need and requirements of the client, fostering a better stress free work environment which carry benefits to both Flotec and our valued clients.


Honesty and integrity at work place in every actions are our Impeccable and invaluable strength to achieve our collective goal.

This exemplary attitude with extreme expertise set high standards, deeply connecting us with our customers.


Our constant effort of recognition of each employee and their attitude towards work established confidence at work place which enhanced the source of trust of our customers.

Effective recognition of the specific needs of each activity for our client, established our consistent performance value, keeping us as part and parcel of intelligent investments in industry sector.

Customer Service

Loyalty at work instead of focusing on the competition sets us apart from others.

Proactive customer service is our strategy and investment and not seen a courtesy or liability but as an utmost responsibility.

Exceptional care in time of need of our client is our inbuilt attitude and yes, that is what we are.


Safety is considered as our continuous endeavor to ensure safe working attitude in the work area and to constantly train and maintain safe working practices at various working conditions to protect the individual but also to safeguard the equipment, plant and the environment in total.

At Flotec, safety refers to the management of all operations and events within an industry as well as all path of life by minimizing hazards, risks, accidents, and near misses by strictly following laid down company rules, specific work conditions and environment of client and statutory requirements of federal, state laws and regulations.


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